Saturday, July 08, 2006

the anniversary of a secret

how long can one hold a secret? i just realize that i am approaching almost the first year anniversary of its birth.
it came into being somewhere in august last year.
i never told it to anyone, and i am glad that it is still in my heart, and the Heavens have given me the patience to sustain its being. otherwise, without the latter, i fear an explosion, of my mind and heart.

i am hoping that this will lead to something elusively beautiful. I am believing that God will be my loving ally.

i saw two cats running wildly across the road moments ago, from my room's window. it was half hour after midnight. i want to have the energy of the night. i was talking to a friend in the car this evening and she told me that when she couldn't sleep, she would do stuffs like blogging. i was suddenly filled with a sense of nostalgia for the days in ann arbor, when i would go to bed at 4 am, always doing anything, like talking with friends, writing, or just playing ping pong or pool.

i want to be more awake at night. the latest i slept this week was on wednesday at 3 am, when i came home a bit buzzed from just a bit of red wine while partying in " Butter Factory" so far one of the coolest club i have been in singapore. i loved the graffiti-like designs all around. i loved the spirit of freedom they induced within me. after that we had some of the most delicious chinese food in town in a 24 hr coffee shop. there are times when i fell in love with life in singapore. that night was definitely one of those days!

tonight was sweet as well. a bunch of us went to the beach to chill. it is always nice to be near the sea, laughing, eating and talking.