Monday, October 25, 2004

i feel that time is going too fast for me. on saturday, i forgot about reality. i was out having fun with a friend who came for a visit in ann arbor from new jersey. we had lunch,went to a lovely place ( which i will name it the " secret garden"), caught a 'feel good" movie named "Shall we dance",had dinner, and went to wilburs and danced like crazy. i missed dancing so much. it's just you ,the music and its rhythm.i remembered dancing a lot back home in singapore with my sister, who is just excellent at it.

certain moments are "there" with you all the time. but there are ones which are fleeting. life trains us in such a way that we no longer expect them to happen every minute, but we learn to appreciate them with our heart and soul when we get the chance to create and experience them.

and i am off running again.........

Monday, October 11, 2004

it was a really fun weekend and i am a little sad that it's now over.
on saturday, we had H games in palmer field. mosaic, my group didn't win a single event but we had fun laughing and i took many pictures of people being caught in awkward and funny physical positions during the game.
then, i had one hour of soccer at the coop before heading off to a birthday party. my friend who used to live in the coop turned 22 this year and the party was held at her friend's apartment. i had only 3/4 can of beer but i sort of went overly gigglish again after a while. i really enjoyed the party because of the variety of people in it and it was fun seeing familiar faces too. i thought i met a pretty cute guy from ecuador who had lived in dubai for some years and then came to the states.he certainly had some pretty interesting thoughts to share about life.
on sunday, katie beth, howard and i went around downtown after church, ate american spoon ice cream, sat and lazed around in the diag and they also posed for my attempts at picture taking.later, i went to take more pictures with a classmate. unfortunately, she lost her digital camera ( that cost around $1000) on that day!
in the evening, i ate some home made german food. a friend from germany had visited ann arbor to spend time with her korean girlfriend and had invited me over for dinner.they were definitely an engaging and fun-loving couple to talk to.the german guy, thorston, was also reading a book "remains of the day" by a japanese author. i remembered sobbing while watching the movie when i was around 16 years old back home in singapore.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

darn it. i sprained my ankle at soccer yesterday. didn't think it was serious and didn't feel the sharp pain yesterday. but the whole of last night, i had insomnia because the pain came back and now, i am limping all around in the coop. on top of that, i caught the cold virus that had been around recently.what a great sunday i am having. maybe it's a good excuse for me to read some literature today since i can't go anywhere.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

i spent a quite some time doing some GRE maths today. i thought it was quite fun, but i don't know whether long term revision would create weariness and boredom. i hope not.

spent most of my time in the coop, played two hours of soccer and five rounds of pool. the dinner was pizza and sad to say, they made really bad ones today.