Saturday, January 16, 2010

potato chips

living a dream is a beautiful feeling. there are ups and downs, and difficulties, but the dream within, encourages
us to go on.
what is life without a vision, and a dream? it feels like a lost, broken record, left in a second hand store, waiting for somebody to pick it up, to restore it.
it might sound silly, to keep dreaming and living out the desires in your heart, sometimes against logic, against reason,
but i think it is all worth it eventually. i don.t know how, i don.t know when, but the obsession can never stop. once you start, u can,t stop.
it is like eating potato chips, well at least for me. what is your addiction? any food, any drinks, any activity? then add it to your dream, and let it embrace your addiction.
i still believe that God puts dreams into our hearts and allow us to create the details, the colors, the smell of them.

anyway, keep dreaming, keep eating your favorite food.