Thursday, October 15, 2009

racing heart beat

i am doing some pencil drawings get some kind of direction. i am trying to make pictures of certain creatures....that look innocent yet peculiar and odd....ok something like aliens.

hoping at the same time, these lines will carry my thoughts to a neat place......

i will let u know...maybe later...whether i have indeed arrived there. to tell u the truth, i am craving it every moment . my face/ my countenance is altogether calm. nobody can tell. but my heart is beating fast.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

thoughts from the night

hello has been quite a while since i visited my own blog and spend time writing down thoughts. i guess, now that i have internet access at home it makes it easier. it is now 3.13 am, and the night seems to be the best time, to write. after such a long pause, there is no compelling feeling to write about anything in particular. quite a number of things have happened, this past year ( almost !). there are several changes in my heart, in the way i look at things and there are still questions, unanswered ones, running in my mind. i mean, i still feel peaceful, with all these questions still existing, so i guess that is good. Peace from God, in spite of unanswered questions. Germany offers me to live life anew, in some ways. i mean, i truly appreciate my life before germany, but somehow, i feel a kind of "newness" here, in this new space. it has been about a year, and i was planting seeds, hoping they will become flowers....