Thursday, October 25, 2007

a quick question

We arrive with this game,
where the squares on the chess board
become circles and
the pieces fade into nothingess
and all that is left is
the unseen.
That is when we decide
whether the game
or ends.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

why not

today we had to draw some boxes, mixing colors with dark blue and brown, and then i thought how wonderful it would be
if what we paint from our minds
becomes real in life, and then happiness comes from there, like a river.
what about the postman that comes to our place delivering us these letters, and the doves who come to us with love notes, telling us
that the trees are smiling and the kids with the balloons are dreaming of a future, filled with honey and wafers? that is when we go back to a fairy tale, where we fall in love with some eyes and the obsession with the color blue begins.
when the obsession ends, you have to let me know.
there was a fish in the water telling me that he found a secret but he needed to get out of water in order to show me. i wouldn't let him leave his comfort zone. maybe one day, i told him, i will find it myself , back in the ocean again, where it actually belongs.