Friday, July 29, 2005

packing, packing , packing.......i hope i will get to complete it before my flight on sunday!

has anyone been to the wave field located at the north campus, especially at night? i wish i could just stay there and play all night long.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

mango madness

quite a long day today. went to the matthaei botanical gardens with beth and kasha this morning. after that, i spent the entire afternoon moving 13 boxes to the postal office (with some help) and filling out overwhelming number of forms for them to be shipped back home. the cost amounted to US $509 !! and then i had dinner with yoshi. when i came home, beth invited me to play a quick game of ceiling tennis with her.

yesterday, i went out with ray, hemanth and sudipa from the coops. we ate at mongolian barbecue and i really enjoyed the mango madness drink i was having. so did ray.we also had a lot of fun playing with the digital camera belonging to hemanth.






Tuesday, July 26, 2005

it all started with a girl eating green beans with rainbow decors this morning

adrien, a french guy living in the coop, told me about gloubi-boulga. it's a french recipe.

just a while ago, i was wondering a bit about "lines", and started googling the word. then i chanced upon this website about the Nazca lines. Check it out at
very intriguing indeed !!

words from the last paragraph of Oracle Night, by Paul Auster:
" I had my face in my hands and was sobbing my guts out. I don't know how long I carried on like that, but even as the tears poured out of me, I was happy, happier to be alive than I had even been before. It was a happiness beyond consolation, beyond misery, beyond all the ugliness and beauty of the world. "

Sunday, July 24, 2005

what is there?

Imagine....that i can look at the world through a psychedelic perspective. what would it be like? imagine that i could do it without the assistance of marijuana, or any external tool, but just through my own eyes. or would it just be a futile and foolish experience?

imagine that what i only a glimmer of what lies underneath and beyond. imagine that there are many more layers to uncover. sometimes, i feel helpless, not really knowing how or where to look. other times, i feel that i am seeing things that would want me stay in that moment indefinitely, like the feeling of being in love.

i was reminded yesterday morning of the reality of the cross. what does it really mean to me now and in the future ? how will my heart respond to it at this current stage? if there is a mirror that could reflect the realities in my heart, would i really want to face it? would i be contented to see what is in there or would i draw back with disappointment and even pain? i am not certain. maybe i will know soon, or later.

Friday, July 22, 2005

quick notes

i see this road. there are quite a number of turns and signs. i should start making some decisions, intuitively again??

this evening, i saw a very odd japanese movie with some friends. i still don't know what to make of it. it made me most of the time happy, and at times, disturbed. anywayz, seiko, her boyfriend and edem made excellent japanese food today. eating good asian food certainly makes me look forward to going back home to singapore next week!

i am halfway through Oracle Night, by Paul Auster. it all begins with a blue notebook.

yesterday, a friend mentioned something about the spectrum of rainbow colors. pardon my ignorance really, but i just didn't have this strong awareness that blue is next to green. i think i knew, but it didn't click automatically in my mind. i didn't think too much about it before. but for one reason or another, this recent state of awareness means quite a bit to me.

i wish that my wakefulness late at night could last longer.