Monday, November 28, 2005



next to where i work , there has been an ongoing outdoor photography exhibition by a French guy named Yann Arthus Bertrand along the street of orchard road. it will be here to stay for a few months .
All his images were captured while he was flying in the helicopter. He went to many countries and offered glimpses of a variety of cultures, some radically different from our own.

it's nice to have somebody reminding me to look at life, including our earth, from a different perspective. things can look very different and surprising! everytime i take a short walk to the ice cream parlor from the mrt station, the images accompanying me have the effect of bringing me to another train of thoughts. well, of course, the novelty wears off. the first time i saw the photographs was almost two months ago. however, the mental reminder will always remain.

i realize that i have been looking at my circumstances and life horizontally most of the time. the scenery has become too repetitive and will be nice to climb, or soar a little higher than where i am usually, and look down, taking a bird's eye view. strange, it always takes another person to remind me of that. i don't really do that automatically.

then, when that happens, we might live, breathe and walk a little differently from what we are used to. well i supposed it's a MAYBE. or certain challenges might have different answers. an issue that produces despair might look magically hopeful again.




or we can also try out other angles, not just from a bird's eye view, just to have fun.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

his color, his lines

last saturday, i went to zouk ( with dor win. it is one of my favorite dance clubs that just re-opened after about a month of renovation. as i was dancing away in velvet underground, i spotted one of Keith Haring's paintings on the walls. everytime i look at his works, i get some kind of fresh energy. few days ago, i chanced about a book about Haring in borders and bought it at 19.95 singapore dollars.

and then, i have some words :

as i see him and his lines,
i sense a love so untainted,
a dance so bold and wild
and a voice
so honest.
i crave to participate in
his rhythm,
to break away
from this nauseatic cage
of organized sounds,
to leap once again
into a maelstrom of
eternal youth, of joy
and of sweet mania.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

mum & dad

last weekend, my family went to a restaurant called " out of the pan" for dinner. one habit of my dad's is sketching people around him on whatever piece of paper he has.




my mum doesn't draw, but she can certainly cook. this was prepared by her one week ago for the family. it's vegetarian and organic, the kind of diet my parents live on.



Tuesday, November 08, 2005

bits and pieces

hung out with with Gerard and Song Ann last sunday. we drove to holland village and sat at the Gelare Cafe for hours. i had gelato waffle and a little cheescake, a refreshing change from haggan dazs ice cream at work. after that, we headed over to Thai Express for dinner and i ate curry noodles which i personally felt were not spicy enough. then we continued chatting till ten at night. it felt awesome just being able to talk and listen ceaselessly, sitting in the middle of holland village and sometimes giving one another odd ideas for life. it also gave me an opportunity to steal more than two cigarettes from them. coffee talk is fun . it's safe. you propose an idea, imagine the scenario, but never really facing the consequences.i also get to learn more about politics and music from Song Ann and Gerard respectively. they asked me about comparative literature which i majored back in college. i had a difficult time defining it to them. the strict definition eludes me everytime i try to explain it to somebody. Oh dear!!

i love the SMRT trains in Singapore. Traffic here is getting too heavy, and traveling in a car makes me feel sluggish and irritable. Taking the train is like stepping on the elevator to anywhere you desire. It's fast, efficient, clean and minimalistic. There are cool advertisements to gaze at, those above the windows, and the ones underneath your feet. Besides, I love reading on the train. I can also stare at different kinds of people,furtively.....but not voyeuristically. Clean, Efficient, and Fast. That's an aspect of life i like about Singapore. However, at 8.30 in the morning when i sometimes get on the train to town, it feels different. It's overly crowded with people rushing off to work. it makes me feel like a faceless and colorless digit, especially when i have not gotten my caffeine fix.

Friday, November 04, 2005


last week, i bought these blue marbles while walking around little india with a friend. they only cost one singapore dollar. however, besides gazing at them occasionally, i don't really know what else i could do with them. let me know if you have any ideas.