Saturday, November 26, 2005

his color, his lines

last saturday, i went to zouk ( with dor win. it is one of my favorite dance clubs that just re-opened after about a month of renovation. as i was dancing away in velvet underground, i spotted one of Keith Haring's paintings on the walls. everytime i look at his works, i get some kind of fresh energy. few days ago, i chanced about a book about Haring in borders and bought it at 19.95 singapore dollars.

and then, i have some words :

as i see him and his lines,
i sense a love so untainted,
a dance so bold and wild
and a voice
so honest.
i crave to participate in
his rhythm,
to break away
from this nauseatic cage
of organized sounds,
to leap once again
into a maelstrom of
eternal youth, of joy
and of sweet mania.


Anonymous said...

eh jj, how could you go happening w/o inviting me hah? or was it supposed to be a rendezvous?

Anonymous said...

so how do you find this dor win? fun? dashing?

JJ said...

er..who is this? cubie?? please let me know, thanks :)

mysterious_girl said...

jj when are you coming to usa again? what are you planning next in life about your career?

JJ said...

hello mysterious girl, i am now in the process of figuring out the bits and pieces!
well, i miss the USA very very much, and i think i would like to head over there somewhere in the future, but right now, it might not be my next step.

somebody said...