Saturday, March 13, 2010

winds in the desert

a voice from the wild
follows my path, to the
outside world, and back again,
like winds in the desert.
it has no shape or color,
but a vapor that touches
my heart in a light blue way,
causing me to sing a song
that has no end,
a song that has no tale,
until i look behind me
and my footsteps
vanish and become
again, the winds in the desert.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

favorite numbers

i haven,t really been thinking about the significance of numbers until recently. i won about 28 Euros at lottery last week. i felt happy because you know, it was my first time buying lottery ( just for about 3 euros ). i bought it with a friend, thinking we would try it for the first time in our lives, just for fun.
so i was pleasantly surprised to receive this money. it was not too much, but enough to last me for about 2 days here in germany. i am not going to have buying lottery as my lifestyle/hobby/ or addiction, but a spontaneous act in our lives can sometimes surprise us.

i remembered, i was using many Sevens, when i wrote those random numbers down on the lottery paper.. i am not saying that seven is a lucky number but i am saying it just happened that this time round , the results showed many sevens and numbers that have sevens in it.

that was when i started thinking about numbers in my life. i really like 5 and 7 . from a biblical point of view, 7 is a number of completion and perfection. there is a mystery about 7 that makes me feel at rest. the number reminds us that we have got to rest, and not allow the burdens and responsibilities in our lives to distract us. God rests on the seventh day. there is the sabbath. but i think it is not a rigid rule to rest. however, it does our souls, and bodies good when we merely rest inwardly. Religion tells us that we need to do lots , in order to earn credits from God. However, Christ has finished the work, 2000 years ago.There is nothing we can do to earn anything.

Hebrews 4 from the bible , verse10, says " for all who enter into God's rest wll find rest from their labors, just as God rested after creating the world." Besides dreaming, which i talked about it in my last entry, the land of rest is also a beautiful place.