Thursday, February 22, 2007

chinese new year 2007

so the chinese new year break had been a very relaxing and fun one with reunion dinners, me receiving red packets and catching up with the extended family. after that i wandered off to join my dear friend, Kai, and we partied and danced the night away in Taboo, a club in Singapore. actually, you have to come and experience it in order to know why it is named Taboo. on my way back home at about 4 am i remembered having a very dreamy conversation with a young, energetic cab driver about life, soccer, and his niece who was living in Las Vegas. when i woke up the next day i was ready to join Iva ( a French girl who was here on a short visit in Singapore) to trek along the forest trails of macRitchie reservoir, as we scared the monkeys away and braved the rain and muddy areas. in the evening my friend vivianne and i brought her to the top of swissotel, said to be the tallest hotel in southeast asia and we enjoyed the bird's eye view of the city for a couple of hours.

today i am back to reality, after the hours in the surreal dance club, wandering in the wilderness and looking at urbanity from the top of the building like a detached observer. it's nice to be back, but it was nice to be away as well. if anyone hasn't experienced chinese new year as an unmarried chinese, you should. it's when you can get quite bit of money without really working for it. at least, it is what it's like in Singapore.

life could be simple, yet rather sweet at times.