Tuesday, January 06, 2009

a little update

the art school that i go to

the place that i live

been quite a while since the last time i wrote here. well, big reason is that there hasn,t been internet connection at home, and there still isn,t!
it,s been about three months in germany, and everything is going well. i live in an apartment with a german roomate/classmate ,Nina Peter, from hannover , who hasn,t reall moved in yet. this apartment also uses coal heating ( not electric central heating that i am used to ). i am still getting used to loading the oven daily, with lots of coal and wood. i have an interesting neighbour named Claudio, who only started painting when he was about 27 in this art school and now he is 32. He just sold two of his paintings last month. it is quite amazing that painting is now his central passion, and lifestyle, especially when he had never really done it before the time he first began in his late twenties. he has a big dark cat, who roams around the apartment stairways, and sometimes tries to slip into my house when i am not careful. directy below me is a huge italian family. right above, is Frank, who is a high school teacher, and who loves making things with wood. other than that, i don,t really know other neighbours very well.
almost every friday or saturday, i go out dancing. i feel that the music here is pretty good ! if time allows, i might also take long term salsa lessons. i am also appreciating german beer more and more. with wine, i am still not so good.

two days ago, it snowed heavily, like never before since i came here to Germany. when i came back really late that snowy night, somebody had made and left an adorable snowman on my bike and i had to make a picture, even though it turned out blurry and a little surreal.

classes in the art school resume next week.