Thursday, August 28, 2008

snow falling on a summer day


seven years ago, on a winter day,
you told me that the garden existed.
we drew pictures, and gave these flowers
a variety of colors and names,
and you gave me real seeds, hoping that
they will be of good use.
many times i sleep,
i dream of the fragrance of the moment which
the garden was born in my heart,
seven years ago.
as i look back,
i see a path strewn with these seeds.
even though the road is not quite straight,
i still feel the shape of the garden,
guiding and teaching me.
here i am reminiscing on a summer day,
but for one moment
i see snow falling just outside my window.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

where is the recipe?

i want to go into a make believe world
make my own slurpee drinks
and create my own cheery pies
bake a cake that doesn't taste quite right,
together with other culinary adventures
so that my hunger for the unknown
is satisfied
and my thirst for colours
is quenched
then i will feel happy,
like a 5 year old
and whether it is winter, summer
or any changing season,
this world remains as it is .