Sunday, March 25, 2007

i am taking off with a friend from israel, yoshi, to go travelling this coming May, for just a few weeks. we plan to head over to parts of southeast asia, maybe cambodia, vietnam and thailand. i wonder what kind of strange tales and hippies we will encounter.
before that , i hope to complete some projects in the imaginary garden i am tending. in one project, it is about a person who meets with some problems in his adulthood. the reason is because he is still a boy trapped in a man's body because he can't get rid of the dogmatic teaching that 1+ 1 = 2.
whether or not he can be free from such crippling logic is not certain. the ending will be decided by the spontaneous process of working on the project. we all wish this "boy -man " well.

now, there are quite a number of seeds. i just hope that the weather and the conditions will be good for the garden to grow heathily. i might just need to paint some strong sunlight too. thank u for tending the garden with me.