Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas last year , i was in agra, india.this year, we are celebrating it in bali, indonesia. steve from michigan is coming to town and we will visit the country this coming thursday for the first time. i heard from most that it is a beautiful place.
i hope you guys have fun at whichever part of the world during this season and getting ready for the year 2008 filled with new beginnings !
i just finished my german certificate exam for B 1 level last saturday. right after, a good friend ken gave me a nice german bible as a christmas gift with some german words on a card. after 2 years of learning, i am glad i am able to understand some of it!

here goes,

Dass deine zwei Welten sich endlich zu einer einzigen vereinen und dass diese Welt so wunderschön ist, dass alle- Du, ich , deine Freunde und alle anderen um dich herum-nicht anders können, als ein Teil davon sein zu wollen. Wenn Menschen dich betrüben, vergesse nie wessen Kind du bist. Jesus ist in dir, die Hoffnung seines Ruhms.

then, it was translated into English within the same card,

I wish for you is this: May your two worlds finally become one, and this one will be so beautiful that everyone - you, me, your friends and society at large can't help but want part of. When people get you down, don't ever forget whose child you are. Jesus in you, the hope of glory.