Monday, July 07, 2008

"keep walking.."


i would prefer walking in circles or spirals , than to walk in a straight line to reach a certain destination....i have a feeling that by doing the former, it would feel a little more effortless and magical.

i am not sure whether life in singapore these 2 years and a half have been circular, but certainly it has brought me a step closer to a place in my heart, germany. i will be leaving for Deutschland this coming October, for a good few years. Many times, things that stem from the heart are not entirely rational, so it is hard to answer the question fully , " why germany ?" By going there, and experiencing the story for myself, i will probably be able to understand the rationale behind it. i already know of a few good reasons, but i am looking forward to see , what this step will do to my existence, say 2 - 3 years from now.

yesterday i was talking to a friend who majored in philosophy. he said that his dad forced him into it, and he was glad that he completed the degree. in two days, he will start work in a well paid corporate job. he said that when he was back in school at california , he saw "spirals" behind the eyes of some lecturers inside the philosophy departments. he did not mean it in a positive way, but he meant to say there were some kind of ongoing confusion etc. well, i am sure not everyone who teaches philosophy in a university is like that, but i guess because he personally didn't like the department's atmosphere so much and that's why he saw what he saw. as for me , i do admire people with a philo major ;)

so when i mean going through life in spirals, i hope they would be some kind of positive ones, like the spirals that lead you to somewhere happy, somewhere free, not somewhere dark and despairing, like to the place of no return.

i know of a few people who are having new phases in their lives. i received an email from a dear friend one hour ago and he told me he was going back to school for masters in literature and creative writing after about 10 or more years spent in the workforce. i am very happy for him.
we all take different directions, but whatever it is, having a new chapter always evokes a pleasant feeling for me.