Thursday, November 17, 2005

mum & dad

last weekend, my family went to a restaurant called " out of the pan" for dinner. one habit of my dad's is sketching people around him on whatever piece of paper he has.




my mum doesn't draw, but she can certainly cook. this was prepared by her one week ago for the family. it's vegetarian and organic, the kind of diet my parents live on.




mysterious_girl said...

hmmm looks tempting!

Day said...

i never knew your dad could draw. if he draws like that while idling away in a restaurant, imagine what he could do if he sits down and concentrates... the 2 of u can draw inspiration from each other perhaps. anyway, this is a nice glimpse into your parents' lives. we seldom appreciate our parents as gifted individuals in their own right...

JJ said...

i certainly agree, mysterious girl :) it makes me hungry at times when i look at it, like now.

hey Day, that is a nice and interesting way of looking at it. it would be fun to draw inspiration from my dad :) also, i think i get to appreciate and observe them more after i have been away for these years in the states.

mysterious_girl said...

silence! silence! silence!????????

JJ said...

oops, sorry, mysterious girl, have been kinda
busy :)

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