Monday, November 28, 2005



next to where i work , there has been an ongoing outdoor photography exhibition by a French guy named Yann Arthus Bertrand along the street of orchard road. it will be here to stay for a few months .
All his images were captured while he was flying in the helicopter. He went to many countries and offered glimpses of a variety of cultures, some radically different from our own.

it's nice to have somebody reminding me to look at life, including our earth, from a different perspective. things can look very different and surprising! everytime i take a short walk to the ice cream parlor from the mrt station, the images accompanying me have the effect of bringing me to another train of thoughts. well, of course, the novelty wears off. the first time i saw the photographs was almost two months ago. however, the mental reminder will always remain.

i realize that i have been looking at my circumstances and life horizontally most of the time. the scenery has become too repetitive and will be nice to climb, or soar a little higher than where i am usually, and look down, taking a bird's eye view. strange, it always takes another person to remind me of that. i don't really do that automatically.

then, when that happens, we might live, breathe and walk a little differently from what we are used to. well i supposed it's a MAYBE. or certain challenges might have different answers. an issue that produces despair might look magically hopeful again.




or we can also try out other angles, not just from a bird's eye view, just to have fun.