Monday, October 25, 2004

i feel that time is going too fast for me. on saturday, i forgot about reality. i was out having fun with a friend who came for a visit in ann arbor from new jersey. we had lunch,went to a lovely place ( which i will name it the " secret garden"), caught a 'feel good" movie named "Shall we dance",had dinner, and went to wilburs and danced like crazy. i missed dancing so much. it's just you ,the music and its rhythm.i remembered dancing a lot back home in singapore with my sister, who is just excellent at it.

certain moments are "there" with you all the time. but there are ones which are fleeting. life trains us in such a way that we no longer expect them to happen every minute, but we learn to appreciate them with our heart and soul when we get the chance to create and experience them.

and i am off running again.........