Tuesday, September 03, 2013

amazing grace

Anyway, it is one hour before bedtime, and i thought i would write a bit, to the outside world. I was looking at the older posts in this blog, and i was like, gosh, been such a long time since i wrote such personal thoughts here. I would think, is it really so important to do it nowadays? it seems that when we have more responsibilities, like work, and for some others, family, we stop writing. but i wonder if it is actually cool to continue? My mind has a tendency to wander, like into outer space, so to speak. Instead of allowing it to wander, and disappear into the air, why not bring them back to this blog space, and share with any reader who chances upon these words? For a while, words lose their power. Drawing becomes a way of life, a way of expression. Well, drawing still is, but writing gives us another possibility; another way of seeing. A lot has happened this year. The bible says" everything happens for the good of those who love HIm and who are called according to His will."( Romans 8:28) .This verse keeps my faith going. As i look back, it sums up all the experiences in my life. The one and only Beauty remains, and that is His AMAZING Grace.

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