Monday, December 09, 2013


My late father left behind some miniature figures at home. These specific figures bring back memories of my father being a dreamer, and a person who loved to read and reflect. This first miniature guy in the photo reminds me of the inner soul of my dad. Gaston Bachelard , in his book "The poetics of space " ,wrote that " paradoxically, it seems that by living in the world of miniature , one relaxes in a small space." By looking at these miniatures again, I was somehow transported to another time and space, where I felt intimately connected to the spaces at home shared with my late parents, where I always felt safe to dream and explore as a child, and growing young adult, and to talk to them about my feelings . It is a space where I never felt judged by them, but always, supported in the direction of my dreams. Even though they are now at home in Heaven with God, these spaces shared with them remain in my heart here on earth. Within these spaces, I do feel free to imagine !

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