Monday, May 15, 2006

inspired by late night wanderings in woodlands with a friend

the winds are carrying me, to new places, new hopes, new directions. it feels different, all of a sudden. i am still on the same island, here in singapore, but somehow, there is a breadth of fresh air suddenly being blown in my face. maybe it's because i started chatting with him. i am in love with his presence. well, i am not romantically attracted to him. furthermore, he is gay. but being with him makes me feel that every detail, every experience is refreshing. people can make such a difference to your life. it's not the place, it's not the food. it's people.

i just want to fly. i suppose i don't need to do it physically always , in order to have an adventure. i want my ideas within my heart, my soul, to soar into the space ahead, to create something for myself and others. i want to enter a foreign land with these mad thoughts within me, to break out of this cage that is imaginary, inside and outside me.

thank God we have people to do it with ! i have allies! i have loving, supportive associates that will journey into this place of freedom, grace, beauty and madness.....with me.

these days, i am dancing in my heart, quite wildly. i don't really want to go back to being that tamed lion i sometimes am. i want to stay in the jungle, in the wilderness forever, always trusting that an ethereal way will be provided. we will fight and free ourselves from silly oppression of any sort, and from victory we fight.

pardon me for this sudden euphoria.