Friday, June 25, 2004

i spent almost two whole days recovering from the trip. i was truly overwhelmed by fatigue and i couldn't think straight. i felt that even though my body was with me, my soul was somewhere else. i couldn't pay full attention to what was going around me, including my conversations with people.i was trying very hard to listen and concentrate, but i found myself asking the same questions twice and making silly errors along the way.yesterday evening, i decided to watch a dvd called " love actually" just to fight off the fatigue without heading straight to bed too early. it's a feel good movie with hilarious dialogues and charming on screen characters.indeed, reality was such a blur around me past two days and i am glad that i have returned to normalcy today.i am certainly a little nervous about the long flight ( at least 20 hours?) back to singapore this july because of the jetlag that i will have to experience, yet again.