Wednesday, September 15, 2004

i am glad that i am done with classes today. wednesday's schedule is usually rather awkward. there is a class from 1- 3pm and then i have to wait 3 hours before another begins at 6 and ends at 9 pm. i went to check out the campus cafe today and they were looking for part timers. i might just apply tomorrow but the problem is they need people from 8 am till 3 pm . I am not much of a morning person. however, i am badly in need of cash.
this evening, after coming from class, i played three games of pool with kenny, my neighbour. and then i had instant noodles because there were many complaints about dinner at the coop today. i want to do some reading but i think i am too tired. i am listening to some music from the English patient soundtrack. The music aways makes me think of somewhere far away and elusive, a place i would like to go to, but a place i can't quite define in tangible terms. i think i miss mack feels that an intimate part of me is missing. i miss the embraces and gazing into his eyes. i am still trying to get used to him not being here in the coop. separation is painful, but yet so inevitable in this life.