Saturday, September 25, 2004

it was a good meal at the vietnamese restaurant with a friend, at Dalat in ypsilanti this afternoon. i had spicy beef noodle soup and iced vietnamese coffee.when i worked in eastern accent few months ago in downtown ann arbor, the vietnamese coffee was popular and i had fun making it for others. however, i had never really tasted it until today. it was very sweet and soothing, but unfortunately, the caffeine hadn't been that effective coz i still felt a little sleepy. i think i am too used to one shot of expresso every day.
after that, my friend went over to his parents' to bring his beautiful german shepherd dog and we went to the riverside park at depot town. i took some pictures with the manual camera i bought for the photography class. i was trying to figure out how the combination of shutter speed and aperture works on my camera, but it still seems pretty confusing to me. but it was fun just trying to capture things in the quiet park and playing with Sheba, the dog.according to my friend, she seemed to be acting up today, appearing to be little edgy and agitated. i wonder why.maybe my friend hadn't been giving her enough attention these days.

later, there is this coop soccer game at 6 pm. we will have fun playing in the chilly weather.