Tuesday, October 04, 2005

i hear you

The road led me to that
strange encounter with you.
The beauty you produced had
allowed me to travel to a world
that I would like to know better
and to live in.
Away from the distractions,
and away from the demons of prudence,
we journeyed towards a wild adventure of
passions, desires and forbidden yearnings.
Then I start remembering the sorrow
in your melodies,
which haunt me in a deep way
and it makes me realize
how much more seductive this sadness sometimes is
than the happiness that lies around me.

written, 4th October 2005.



oh, jie jie...

mysterious_girl said...

nice, deep thoughts. one needs a sensitive mind to think and write such ideas. jiejien, you got a nice heart :)

JJ said...

thanks again, mysterious girl :)

mysterious_girl said...

you are welome! keep writing

Ningaleh said...

hey girl! that was a gorgeous post. =) i hope you are having fun at Haagen-Dazs! See you soon!

JJ said...

hey sining, sure i have fun at haagaen -dazs!

somebody said...