Wednesday, October 12, 2005

ice cream

i have grown to like the variety of ice cream flavors in haggan-dazs. i work there part time now, few hours a week. when i was a customer, the flavor i used to go for was always macadamia nut. i never explored other options. but now, i get to taste rum raisin, panna cotta raspberry ( the latest flavor of the month), midnight cookies and cream, strawberry cheescake, branded cherry etc. my favorites are those that contain alchohol and nuts. what don't really go well with me are sorbet flavors.
how do these weekly hours of serving ice cream in haggan daz influence my life in the future? i am curious to find out too.

the very apparent effect is that it constantly makes me crave for ice cream , especially at night .

that's good. it makes me look forward to my next shift, which is this coming Friday.

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Anonymous said...

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mysterious_girl said...

Wow! You work at an ice cream parlor? Did you try out the mango flavor? Its really nice :)

JJ said...

hey mysterious girl. yep, i work there part time. haven't got a chance to taste the mango ice cream. will do so next week!
actually, i am a little curious about u. you don't have to reveal your full identity to me coz it would be nice to remain mysterious, but i do wonder ( assuming you are american) if we have ever met in person while i was living in the states?

mysterious_girl said...

ha ha ha! who knows? let this remain 'mysterious' :)

meanwhile, did you try the mango icecream, its really good.

sene some photographs of your workplace too, if you can


JJ has a secret admirer!

mysterious_girl said...

now who is this dumb wit who needs to poke his(?)/her(?) nose ^ ^
here . .
( )

Anonymous said...

now who is this dumb wit who needs to poke his(?)/her(?) nose
^ ^
. .
( )

JJ said...

hey mysterious girl, i am sure beth is joking.
please don't get offended.

anyway, i did taste the mango ice cream. it is very nice, but i didn't quite like the mango sorbet.

i guess u shall remain mysterious for now :)
( but of course, i am still very very curious!!)

somebody said...