Monday, January 10, 2005

Feel and touch it

The freedom you feel, on the wings of the eagle,
is real.Touch it, and it will be yours.
Believe in it, and you will keep it for eternity.
Just don't run away from it, as if it never exists.
Keep on searching and discover its new friends,
because the journey never fails you.
And when the" Final Destination" awaits you,
you will find youself
the happiest soul alive.

jie jie, 10th January'05


Paul said...

Hey Jie Jie! It's great to find you again, how have you been, woman? Isn't blogging cool? I'm gonna link to your blog from mine as well.

Sher and I were reminiscing about the last time we had a gig at the old compass rose, now its the Equinox, and we were wondering where you are now.

Anyway, its great finding your blog! Write often :)

JJ said...

Hey Paul, if you see this, can you drop me your link too? thanks

Paul said...

Sure! My griping blog is at, and I've got an online gig website at

Let us know if you're back, perhaps we could have a gig together if I'm able to scrounge one up.

Meanwhile, take care!

somebody said...