Saturday, January 08, 2005

Pablo, a good friend of mine from Ecuador, has just left Ann Arbor for Texas to start his new job. Yesterday, some of us gathered together for some sort of a farewell party.
Pablo and me This is Pablo and me.
There was a bonfire going on at the coop, and it was one of the best ones i have ever had. It was just so soothing and peaceful, staring at the fire, and sometimes eating melted marshmellows in the snow. Pablo made a few of us Tequila Sunrise. I drank quite a bit since it tasted so good, like orange juice. The result was that I got pretty buzzed again and started making everyone laugh. A friend thought that I was really drunk but I sort of denied it.
Erin Me dancing
We also had a crazy snowfight, the second major one since I made a trip to Detroit two years ago. It got pretty violent but I am glad nobody was hurt. Such beautiful and fleeting madness. Certainly a memorable way to end my winter break. Classes begin this coming Monday. after the snowfight This is Erin after the snowfight!