Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Just came back from a road trip to New York City few days ago. I went with seven people. I didn't know them very well at first, but the whole trip had allowed us to bond in a sweet and happy way. after we came back into the coops, we hung out almost every day, eating lunches, dinners and watching movies. now that school has started ( which is today) everyone is slowly getting back to his individual life and getting ready for the new semester ahead. The memories we created will certainly refresh us for the semester of work ahead.
Freezing, in Times Square
Yesterday, i received an email from a very good friend from Singapore telling me that she had now an eight month old baby!
If anyone of you is interested in how beautiful and adorable her baby is, just go to Hello Shimian, I wish i could be now in Singapore, talking to you and playing with your baby ! My friend Shimian used to be a journalist, and has now quit her job to become a full time mother. Certainly an act of nobility and selflessness!!

Today, i was just walking in the snow. I was just happy, looking at the snow falling and feeling the wind blowing across my face. I usually loathe winter. I loathe the cold and every bit of it. A friend recently suggests that i "embrace it". I am willing to try adopt a different attitude towards the weather now and see how long my capacity to appreciate it will last?