Friday, January 28, 2005

one hour ago, i finished watching the Japanese animation, "Spirited Away". it had been most inspiring. i always like to read stories about interesting and poignant character transformation of people. this story is about the journey a girl has to go through in order to save her parents, who have turned into pigs because of something they have done. it's very much like magical realism, especially the visual details the film has to offer. everything about it has been almost dreamlike and surreal. not only is it an emotionally touching experience for me, "Spirited Away" has been a most exciting visual adventure.
Watch it if you haven't!


Day said...

hey i watched this twice and i loved it both times. another one is princess mononoke, which is brilliant too (but i prefered spirited away).

JJ said...

i am happy that you like it! i am looking forward to watching other animations made by the same director, Miyazaki

somebody said...